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Pentest, protection against DDoS attacks, site hacking
and data loss. Treatment and diagnosis of sites.

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Who are our customers?
These are companies for which sites are valuable. And their loss, access hacking or data leakage will bring significant losses. Therefore, customers constantly use our services for vulnerability testing (pentest) or round-the-clock protection against hacking.
Healthcare Organizations
Bookings and services
Media resources
Product outsourcing IT companies
Manufacturing Companies
Online stores
Our services
Treatment and recovery
Quickly detect and eliminate all
vulnerabilities. Investigate an infection
or hacking
Security Code Review
Security code review is effective technique for identifying security bugs on the early stages of development
Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contract Audit is a process of examining a piece of code to identify bugs, vulnerabilities, and risks.
Monitoring and protection 24/7
close protection for security
from external threats
Penetration test. We simulate
the actions of intruders
to check your security level
Reverse engineering of mobile applications and classical Desktop apps
We will analyse the website, hosts scanning for vulnerabilities, viruses and malicious codes.
What we do?
What do we check during the penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network scanning
  • Search for open ports, services, and versions
  • Search for CVE
  • Search for publicly available exploits
  • SQL injection
  • XSS injection (Stored, Reflected, DOMbased)
  • Os command injection
  • Session testing
  • Authorization bypass
  • CSRF
  • Source code review
  • Directory traversal and access to different website folders
  • Remote code execution
  • Credentials brute force
  • Searching for the existence of an admin resource
  • URL parameters test
  • Testing for resistance to DDoS attacks
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Mobile application pentesting
  • Reverse engineering
  • External/internal network pentesting
  • Static/Dynamic application pentesting
  • Code review for vulnerabilities
  • Security of cloud services (AWS, AZURE)
  • Protection of web and mobile application from all wellknown vulnerabilities
  • Database security
  • DDoS protection
  • Security by design
  • Site recovery
  • Search for malicious code on the web application
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Information security consultation
  • Site Reliability support
  • Building of IT Infrastructure
  • Deployment of automationsolution for business
  • Configure Azure, AWS servers
  • Web applications development
  • Development of applications andautomation for CRM
  • Server settings andconfiguration
  • Webserver optimization
  • Programming skills
  • Connecting and configuringdatabases
  • Firewall settings
  • WAF settings
  • System status monitoring
  • Design and development of systemarchitecture
  • Setting access rights
  • Backend development
  • FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows,deployment cloud resources
  • Git skills, Jenkins
  • Skills in working withKubernetes and docker
  • Skills in working with Nginx,Apache
  • Building of IT Infrastructureand IT Infrastructure support
  • Deploy virtual machine in Azure
  • Configure jails on FreeBSDserver
  • Deployment docker containers onLinux server
  • Infrastructure and softwaredevelopment workflow automation
Development Skills
  • Development of mail servers
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Development of parsers for different websites
  • Setting up notifications for messengers (Telegram, etc.)
Smart Contract Review and Audit
  • Manual and automated search for all the bugs in the code
  • Determine the impact of any kind of data loss in the application
  • Check of user roles and access rights
  • Review configuration files and data stores
  • Compliance regulations check (PCI standards, Auditing objectives, HIPPA)
  • Detailed code review reports
  • Searching for design flaws
  • Check loops for miner attacks on timestamps and transaction order
  • Determine countermeasures and mitigation
Methodologies we use
  • OWASP top 10
  • COBIT ISACA Risk framework
  • Cybersecurity best practices
  • Information gathering
  • Reconnaissance
  • Attack vectors
  • Getting access
  • Privileges escalation
  • Full control
  • Risk management
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Malware detection
  • Network scanning
  • Log review and analysis
Damage statistics from cyberattacks.
The most known cyber attack in 2017 disabled 10% of USA computers
In our country, cyberattacks occur every 14 seconds
Your website needs
no less,
than a physical
store or warehouse
To protect your website is like to set an alarm and to lock  a physical store or to hire a security guard to protect your business from intruders
Our customers about us
It is my pleasure to strongly recommend DATAMI for all of your pentesting requirements. They conduct themselves in a professional manner and the engagement was quick and efficient.
I, Eugene Mediany CEO of Andr0meda, together with my entire team, would like to express my sincere gratitude to DATAMI for successfully analyzing the vulnerabilities of our projects. Thank you for the promptness and high level of professionalism shown by you in our cooperation.
We would like to recommend the Datami Cyber-Security Company - the team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified ethical hackers. They can:
1) carry out regular penetration tests and IT audits: networks, OS, services and software, Wi-Fi, databases, mobile...
Perform an independent audit of your safety
Are you sure your website is always accessible to users?
Are you sure that all 100% of users get to your site?
Are there cases of a sharp drop in traffic to the website?
Are there cases when spam comes from bots through
forms on the website, instead of questions from customers?
Do you use an SSL certificate for a secure connection?
Can you restore your website, if it is removed
from the hosting?
Can your IT specialist quickly fix the security
vulnerabilities on the website?
Are you sure that your servers are not used for mining?
Do you use any additional tools to protect your data?
Whether periodic security audits of your website
are performed?
Do you use two-factor protection of your
resource accounts?
Do you systematically update the version of
CMS/plugins on the website
Thank you for answers!
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Unprotected website — a magnet for cybercriminals
Test his own hacking skills
Use the website to commit large attacks
Get the benefit
Eliminate a competitor
Here are 10 examples of how a cybercriminal can harm your business

1 /
Delete website
To find the vulnerability and delete the website forever. Often this can be done by a 15-year-old guy who, after watching video lessons in the public domain decided to "have fun" and test his skills. An unprotected website becomes a victim of an underhacker
To hack admin panel
To take your business and demand a ransom. You lose control of the website until you pay
To steal database
1. To block access to data
2. To sell to competitors and other companies
3. To send spam and false promotions to customers on behalf of the company in order to obtain financial benefits
To steal traffic
To install a redirect on your website that will redirect some of the target users to a competitor’s website or any other resource. Place advertising banners on your website
To lower in SERP
To install malicious code on the website. When a code is detected, Google will block or move the website to low positions in the search result
To hack promotions
And to buy the goods for a penny
To steal payment card data
Through advertising platforms or web analytics services, a malicious script will be introduced on the online payment page to steal payment card data
To encrypt valuable files
Cryptolockers will place a virus that encrypts valuable files under a hard password. For the return of important data will require a large amount of money
Stealing the power of your server
To use your server for hidden cryptocurrency mining
To use your server for the mass attack
When planning large attacks, black hackers will use your server to store their “weapons”. They will place a sleeping malicious code that will sleep until it is sold
These are not plots from the Hollywood blockbusters
But the reality that every fifth business owner in USA faces