Cyvers & Datami: A Partnership for Unparalleled Web3 Security

Cyvers and Datami have joined forces to address the growing security concerns in the Web3 space. This article delves into the partnership and how it will impact the Web3 security ecosystem. We will also introduce Datami and what they do to provide greater security for the Web3 ecosystem along with Cyvers!

The Web3 security space is underdeveloped. It is self-evident as the current Web3 cybersecurity solutions have not been enough to prevent hacks. A staggering $3.6 billion was reportedly taken from hacks and rug pulls, according to the Cyvers Web3 Security Report. Although the Web3 space is rapidly growing, offering faster, cheaper, and more secure financial transactions, it also comes with increased security vulnerabilities, leading to more hacks than ever before. In addition, hackers and malicious actors evolve, finding new ways of targeting Web3 applications.   

To address these security concerns, Datami and Cyvers have entered a partnership, both of us being two growing names in the cybersecurity and blockchain security industry. However, being an underdeveloped sector (Web3 security), increased collaboration and partnerships between different cybersecurity companies, each with unique strategies, is needed for the best result in protecting the industry.

Datami is a team of cybersecurity specialists who understand all the possible vulnerabilities that may damage your data, providing comprehensive cybersecurity services. They provide complete scanning of web resources and remove any malicious code and hidden scripts found on your website. Overall, Datami is a  cybersecurity company beyond just securing Web3 applications. Their expertise in the Web2 field is still highly relevant as Web2 theft and exploit strategies are common ways Web3 protocols get attacked. 

Datami’s deep cybersecurity services include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Secure source code review
  • Reverse engineering
  • 24/7 website monitoring and protection
  • DevOps services. 

Cyvers and Datami – Strengthening the Web3 Security Ecosystem.  

The partnership between Datami and Cyvers brings together two highly competent companies specializing in different areas. Together we can achieve a more comprehensive cybersecurity offer and cutting-edge blockchain protection. Integrating our varied solutions will provide a complete suite for securing assets on any blockchain, detecting and responding to incidents, and returning stolen funds to their rightful owners in real time. 

At Cyvers, we focus on detecting cryptocurrency & Web3 attacks in real time using cutting-edge geometric machine learning. With Cyvers’ Security Operation Platform for Web 3.0 businesses, security, compliance, fraud, and risk teams can automatically identify and respond to incidents across the entire crypto attack surface. As a result, we have seen high interest from the big auditing players in the space that are on the spot to adopt our solution alongside their services. 

CEO of Cyvers Deddy Lavid says: 

“Once the start of an attack is detected through a set of patterns, the teams using the Cyvers solution have a mitigation timeframe to prevent the attack from actually happening. For example, they move assets away from vulnerable contracts, freeze illicit transactions or return stolen funds to the owner’s account.”   

This partnership will significantly strengthen the Web3 security ecosystem and give users the peace of mind that their assets are protected. 

n conclusion, the partnership between Datami and Cyvers is a game-changer in the Web3 security ecosystem. Combining comprehensive cybersecurity services and cutting-edge ML & blockchain monitoring security will provide users with a complete solution for securing their assets.

With the increasing growth of the Web3 space, partnerships like this one are essential to ensuring that the industry remains secure and accessible to everyone.

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